On Tuesday, February 20, 2018 residents in the 6000 block of New Horizon Avenue in Mad River Township were witness to members of the Clark County Sheriff’s office executing a warrant and uncovering a second individual who was wanted in Montgomery County.

At around 12:40 pm detectives from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office served a warrant out of Fairborn on Brittany Mamer.  Mamer was taken into custody without incident and later transported to the Greene County line for transfer to the Fairborn Police Department.

While detaining Mamer, detectives were made aware of an individual in a Hyundai Santa Fe parked at the intersection of Phillips and New Horizon.  When the detective approached the vehicle, he found Michael Sherman a known drug user behind the wheel asleep with the engine running.  Sherman stated that he was “waiting on his girlfriend”.  The detective noted an odor of marijuana and Sherman admitted smoking earlier in the day.  He also identified a glass pipe inside the vehicle door.  A meth pipe was  clearly visible in the vehicle which Sherman identified.  He was asked to exit his vehicle and was to be detained by a second officer when he began running east to avoid the officers.  Both detectives pursued Sherman who refused to comply with detectives and required that the officer deploy his tazer.

Sherman later told detectives that he was wanted in Montgomery County.  In addition to the pipes, detectives also found electronics, jewelry, credit cards, debit cards, check books, social security cards and mail that did not belong to Mamer or Sherman.  Crystal meth, Clozapam and Xanax were also found in the vehicle.  Some of the items were identified as belonging to a former girlfriend who resides in Kettering.  Kettering Police were notified of the theft by the estranged girlfriend.

Sherman was booked into the Clark County Jail on charges of resisting arrest, use and possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs.  He appeared in Clark County Municipal Court on February 21 and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Court records indicate that Sherman has a history dating back to 1998 of various court appearance and charges associated with burglary, theft, drug use, drug possession and obstructing official business and traffic violations.  Previous arrests were made in Montgomery County where he had several addresses on the court records.  He lists his current residence in Miamisburg, Ohio.